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In order to keep up with the ever evolving world, companies need to organize themselves differently than before. Digitized and with a maximum focus on customers, while using the latest technologies.

The future winners are those companies that keep innovating and reach further than the current needs of customers.  StrateG support companies with designing new strategies by means of interactive workshops in a structured process.

Strategy Execution

With a new strategy in place, realizing this strategy tends to be somewhat of a struggle for many companies. Either new activities will have to be deployed or old activities to be ended. Maybe the organization will have to be managed differently or business processes will have to be redesigned.

StrateG works together with companies formulating a change strategy and supports the implementation of the change program, in order for the newly developed strategy actually to be executed and the desired business objectives to be achieved.


Agile organizations

In order not to be disrupted, companies need to innovate continuously which requires different competences from managers and employees. When and where appropriate StrateG uses Lumina Learning, an international assessment tool, which provides accurate and balanced personality portraits.


Lumina helps organizations select employees based on competence potential, it provides deeper insights in behaviour on individual level and leads to improved cooperation within teams. Furthermore the tool can be used from executive level to the workplace. Click here for more information on Lumina Learning, Lumina Select, Lumina Spark, Lumina Team, or you could watch the detailed Lumina Spark Explainer.

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